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Gyuja Radish Pickles [2021 Early Winter Season]

This is a modern take on the Classic Radish Pickles (Mu-jang-ajji) with the introduction of Gyuja, the Korean mustard. Also as the "Farm-to-Jar" start product, several varieties of organic radishes are pickled in sweet soy vinegar and then Gyuja is added to give a subtle kick to the the sweet, salty, and sour flavors.  It will certainly boost anyone's appetite!

*Keep Refrigerated
Serving suggestions: A great side dish to plain rice, pasta, vegetable or meat dishes. Add a crunch and flavours as toppings, fill them in the sandwiches, or mix them in the salad. Place them on a vegetarian/cheese/charcuterie board.

The pickle juice is an excellent dipping sauce and base for salad dressing.
[radish, water, soy sauce, rice vinegar, brewed barley vinegar, raw sugar, Gyuja (Korean mustard), onion, garlic]

Gyuja Radish Pickle

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