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Sustainably Sourced Ontario Produce



Korean Culinary Traditions

Farm-to-Jar Kimchi and K-Pickles


Local and Seasonal Ingredients

Artisanal Small Batch Production


HansommChef is a "farm-to-jar" product developer. HansommChef produces small-batches of artisanal Kimchi and Pickles inspired by Korean culinary tradition of fermentation and preservation. Chef Han started cooking Korean food when she was five years of age, and later she studied Korean Royal Cuisine. Created by Chef Han, HansommChef sources seasonal ingredients from local Ontario farmers who follow sustainable practices. The idea to launch the “farm-to-jar” production came as a result of looking for ways to utilize the cover crops she harvested from her friend’s regenerative farm in Niagara.


HansommChef’s 2021 Early Winter Collection is made with Napa cabbages and radishes that Chef Han harvested and then hand crafted and hand packed into the individual jars. The artisanal small-batch production includes Napa Cabbage Kimchi (vegan), Radish Kimchi (vegan), Classic Radish Pickles, and Gyuja Radish Pickles as the early winter Napa cabbages and Korean radishes 'Mu' retain a naturally sweet taste and crunchy texture. The Napa Cabbage Kimchi and Radish Kimchi stay true to the traditional Korean methods and taste while the Gyuja Pickles take on a contemporary flavour profile with the introduction of Korean mustard to the Classic Radish Pickles.


Beyond her role as the founder of HansommChef, Chef SuSu Han is a certified sommelier, educator, and designer. She enjoys spending her time promoting Korean cuisine and culture by teaching the Korean Culinary Classes at George Brown College (which she developed) and hosting master classes on Korean food. She was invited to judge the “2020 Global Taste of Korea” competition in Toronto. Recently, she was recognized by the Korean news channel YTN as a Korean food ambassador “who is planting the seeds for Korean food in North America.”

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