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Pickled Garlic Scapes


Garlic scapes are the stalks that grow from the bulbs of hardneck garlic plants. These thin, curly, vibrantly green stalks were harvested in the late spring and early summer on a regenerative garlic farm in Niagara. The garlic scapes have a mild and sweet garlic taste taste somewhat like chives or scallions. 


The garlic scapes are pickled in sweet soy vinegar and  offer a perfect balance of  sweet, salty and sour flavors and chewy texture. The pickled garlic scapes are a popular Korean banchan (side dish). The Koreans refer to the pickles as "bap-dodook" (rice theif) since a bowl of rice disppears in no time and calls for seconds. It will certainly boost anyone's appetite!


*Keep Refrigerated

Serving suggestions: A great side dish to plain rice, pasta, and any vegetable or meat dishes. Add this chewy tasty garlic scapes to any salad or place them on a vegetarian/cheese/charcuterie board.

The pickle juice is an excellent dipping sauce and base for  salad dressing.

(garlic scapes, water, soy sauce, rice vinegar, brewed barley vinegar, brown sugar,  onion, garlic)



Pickled Garlic Scapes

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