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Kohlrabi Kkakdugi Kimchi


Kohlrabi is a German compound word for cabbage and radish, so sometimes it is called a German radish. Kohlrabi is a hardy cruciferous vegetable loaded with  essential minerals and vitamins. Kohlrabi is similar in taste and texture to Mu (Korean radish) and harvested earlier, it is used to make Kkakdugi (diced radish Kimchi). Kohlrabi Kkakdugi will add the crunch and spice up any dish!


Vegan and made with organic and natural ingredients (spiciness: medium)

No sugar added (sweetness from apple and onion pureé)


Naturally fermented to an optimal level to promote gut health with non-dairy probiotics.


*Keep Refrigerated

Serving suggestion: A delicious side dish to any meal and pairs great with soups and stews. Throw them in potato salad to add crunchiness and flavor. Add a crunch condiment to the vegetable/cheese/charcuterie board. Save the juice and make kimchi aioli or create your own tangy spicy sauce with it.

(Kohlrabi, rice slurry, apple, onion, green onion, korean chili powder, sea salt, garlic, ginger)

Kohlrabi Kkakdugi Kimchi

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