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Cucumber Kimchi

Cucumber Kimchi (aka Oisobagi in Korean). The name Oisobagi means stuffed cucumber since the cucumbers are stuffed with chive filling. These stuffed pickling cucumbers are crunchy and refreshing yet loaded with flavors. Anyone who likes cucumbers and pickles will love the taste of Oisobagi!


Vegan and made with organic and natural ingredients (spiciness: medium)

No sugar added (sweetness from apple and onion pureé)


Naturally fermented to an optimal level to promote gut health with non-dairy probiotics.


*Keep Refrigerated

Serving suggestion:  A great side dish  or condiment for dumplings, noodles, sandwiches. Place it on a charcuteri, cheese, or veggie platter. Save the juice and use it as mixer for Caesar or spice up any drink. Be creative and have fun!


(cucumbers, garlic chives, rice slurry, apple, onion, green onion, korean chili powder, sea salt, garlic, ginger)

    Cucumber Kimchi

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