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Baek [white] Kimchi

Baek means white in Korean. Baek Kimchi is a traditional kimchi enjoyed for its delicate and refreshing taste. It is made without using red chili powder Gochugaru--only a bit of chili threads are added. All the organic ingredients for stuffing are finely julienned, which means more labour of love!

Early winter Korean radish Mu and Ontario grown Asian pears add delectable natural sweetness and juiciness to Baek Kimchi.


Naturally fermented to an optimal level to promote gut health with non-dairy probiotics.

*organic, vegan, gluten free, sugar free


*Keep Refrigerated

Serving suggestion:  Great on its own or serve it on a bowl of cold noodle or salad. Kimchi juice is ideal for Korean cold noodle soup Naengmyeon. Don't throw it out!

(Napa cabbage, Mu, Asian pear, filtered water, green onion, onion pureé, chili thread, sea salt, garlic, ginger)

    Baek [white] Kimchi

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